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Handicap Draw

Rick v Ian
Simon v Stu
Carl v Bill
Matt v Nick

New Handicaps

Nick -33
Matt -2
Bill +4
Simon -26
Ian -11
Rick -26
Carl +1
Stu -10

Handicap scores

please put up your FULL scores ie 11-4 7-11 11-6 11-9 as this will give me some idea if I have got the handicaps right if you fail to do this your handicap will be docked 2 points it is up to the winner to do this thank you


A Appleton -10
P Bowes -22
M Divine -3
T Falluto -10
B Field +2
C Henson -15
N Harrington -24
C Johnson -5
T Mitchinson -8
S Porter -20
I Richardson -11
G Riley +5
R Roddy -20
K Searle +4
C Stephens +1
S Tyler -12
J Waller -18

Handicap Draw

Handicap Draw
M Devine v K Searle
P Bowes v N Harrington
J Waller v I Richardson
G Riley v C Stephens
S Porter v T Falluto/C Johnson
A Appleton v B Field
S Tyler v C Henson
R Roddy v T Mitchinson

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